Whiter teeth in just one week

3 scientifically proven methods of teeth whitening.

"I'm in love with how white my teeth are!"

- Rahma, London

  • Sonic Blue Light Accelerated Whitening

  • Whitens on 3 Levels

  • Replace your daily teeth cleaning routine

  • Powerfully effective PAPTECH

    Peroxide-free formula with Fluoride

What is PAPTECH?

A revolutionary whitening ingredient, PAP targets the unnatural double-bonds which cause tooth discolourations to safely and effectively dissolve stains to whiten teeth.

  • Toothbrush

    - Blue Light Technology

    - 32,000 Vibrations per minute

    - Long press safety button

    - USB rechargable lasts 25 days

  • Toothpaste

    - Non-peroxide, non-sensitive

    - Targets tooth discolourations

    - Fluoride in paste remineralises the tooth enamel for healthier teeth

  • Tray & gel syringes

    - Mouth Tray has 6 Blue LED lights

    - Batteries included

    - STYLSMILE Whitening gel contains 3 times more PAP than toothpaste

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