FAQs: Lord Sugar Bundle

Lord Sugar has ensured that 100% of proceeds will be sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH). To do this Lord Sugar has agreed to cover the cost of everything including the product, postage and packaging himself. That means the full £20 will be sent to GOSH (Registered charity number 1160024).

The SUGARFIRE Sugar-nator includes 2x AAA batteries, and the A-PEN-TICE includes 2x LR44 button batteries. The life span on these batteries will vary depending on frequency of use.

We’re sorry to hear about this. We recommend pushing the arm backwards with your finger once the switch is turned on. Once the arm starts moving, the mechanism within the SUGARFIRE should continue to rock the arm back and forth. If it still isn’t working, please email teamtom@stylideas.com and the STYLIDEAS customer care team will be happy to help.

Yes, the A-PEN-TICE may look and sound like formidable business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar but it is actually a working ballpoint pen it even has a cap too!

We’re sorry to hear that your pen isn’t working. Please remove the plastic film from the back of the head to activate the sound. If your pen still doesn’t appear to be working, please contact STYLIDEAS customer service at teamtom@stylideas.com.