FAQs: VIP Nail File

We would expect your STYLFILE S Curved Nail File to last approximately 12 months, but it will depend on how often you use it. It is made from high quality silicon carbide which is especially selected because it is hard wearing and long lasting.

All of our STYLFILE files will have at lst a 500 grit. Please note the STYLFILE 2 has a 500 grit on one side and a 250 grit on the other.

We highly recommend filing from one edge of the nail to the centre and the same from the other edge, to avoid breakages and rough finishes. The curved design of the STYLFILE 2 encourages you to avoid the see-saw motion that damages and misshapes the natural nails.

The STYLFILE S Curved 3 in 1 Nail File has 2 abrasive emery boards and a cuticle pusher and under-nail skimmer. Whereas the STYLFILE VIP has only one emery board surface but a whole side dedicated to jewels and style!