Life is short, buy the makeup!

Life is short, buy the makeup!

It’s the second week of August but we’ve still got part of the summer left!


Whether you’re trying out this season’s best new beauty looks for your summer holiday or experimenting for that upcoming festival, don’t be tempted to delve into that makeup bag and dig out that old eye shadow you once bought.  


Beauty trends come and go, we’ve ALL been guilty of holding onto that one shade of eye shadow or clutching onto that all-important liner you never used just in case it makes a spectacular comeback.


Did you know, digging out that eye shadow could be doing more damage than good?


Just like the best before and use by dates in food, beauty products also go off and should be thrown out especially if you can’t remember the last time you used it.


In a survey some woman admitted to keeping eye shadows for over seven years … 6 years longer than they should!


As mascara, eye shadow and eye liner are applied so closely to our eyes the risk of spreading infection through old, out of date product is extremely high.  When paired with a dirty makeup brush, a breeding ground for bacteria like staphylococcus , you could be risking bacterial conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eyelids … not quite the summer look you had in mind!


With the sun making this year the biggest heatwave seen in years you’ll also want to make sure that you are storing your cosmetics correctly too. It’s recommended cosmetics aren’t stored in temperatures any higher than 29°C in as you could be weakening the preservative.


If you’re desperate to try out that underliner trend just make sure you’re doing it with fresh, in date products and clean makeup brushes. It’s so important to keep your makeup routine clean, the risk of illness and infection means using your BFF’s makeup brushes really shouldn’t be a thing unless they’ve been cleaned first.


Make sure your armed with your StylPro makeup brush cleaner and dryer and you’ll be part of the way there!


Team Tom


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