In the Pro: Makeup & Masks with BeautyGlowGirl

In the Pro: Makeup & Masks with BeautyGlowGirl

We have more excuses to do our makeup (not that we needed one), but we still have to fit face masks into our looks. How do we keep it fixed on our face? Do we really have keep reapplying every 5 minutes? MUA BeautyGlowGirl tells us...

Yes, indoor pub trips and gallery visits are in sight, but one thing we probably won’t lose sight of for a while, is face masks. And not the pampering type. Now we face the dilemma of having a greater excuse to glam up, but we have to fit safety in first and work our masks into our looks.

Luckily, we had the lovely Debbie, a.k.a @beauty_glow_girl on hand to ask her MUA tips and tricks on how to keep makeup on under our masks.


General advice for wearing makeup under a mask?

‘For me, it’s just about really blending my makeup into my skin: setting it really well. I’ve actually been using a tinted SPF rather than a foundation lately, and then just concealer over that- really blending it in and then fixing it with a good setting spray. That way it doesn’t come off so much on my nose.'


How do you make the most of your make-up when wearing a mask?

‘It has to be all about the eye area doesn’t it. You don’t really see anything else. So, big for me is eyebrows! I’ve been obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Freeze.’ It’s the only thing that makes my eyebrows look good! After my eyebrows, I use my Charlotte Tilbury palette to do a bit of a smokey eye, to make my eyes really pop. It gets the most out of my eyes!’


What are your favourite re-application tips?

‘I go to work quite far away, so I like to bring a really small makeup bag with me. I like to reuse different products in different places and multi-use products. So, if I am doing a bold lip, I don’t then need to bring blusher with me. So basically, I just take whatever lip colour I am wearing (I use Elf ‘Pepper’), put a little bit on my cheeks and I can use that as a really nice blush as well!'

Similarly with bronzer, I can reapply my eyeshadow with the bronzer. So, then I don’t have to bring bronzer and eyeshadow with me in my makeup bag.

Finally, you should always reapply SPF anyway, but I find a tinted one with a beauty blender means I can reapply in the day and not completely mess up my makeup- even going over the blush. Just kind of pat on and it gives a bit of extra protection and sorts my makeup out!


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