How to Have a Lovely Lockdown Mother's Day

How to Have a Lovely Lockdown Mother's Day

Another special occasion stuck indoors? Fear not, we have some imaginative ideas for this year's Mother's Day...

Once again, a special day for loved ones will be spent indoors, trying to be inventive with banana bread and how we lay the dinner table. There have been people around us this past year that have shown us love, compassion, or care, to help us get through these hard times. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show them some gratitude. Whether that’s your Mum, friend, GP, flatmate, we have come up with some imaginative ideas to say thank you this Lockdown Mother’s Day.


Whether you’re at home with them or not, let’s have some luxury. If your loved one is in a household far away, fill up a box with calming sheet maskssome facial oils, a beauty hairband, some chocolates and maybe a mini bottle of something, and post it to them as an invite to a Virtual Spa Day. Buy double so you can apply your masks and sip on your prosecco together over a Zoom call, perhaps following a facial self-massage tutorial on YouTube.
Similarly, if you are at home with your devotee, set up a facial steamer in your bedroom, diffuse some calming essential oils and pre-mix a complimentary cocktail as an on-entry treat. Take the time to reinvent the space with some candles and scents that will elevate the day into one of luxury.


Whether you’re a baker or not, some toasted hot cross buns or a full-blown homemade Victoria Sponge will make for a special spread for the table. Invest in a bunch of daffodils for centre piece, some napkins and maybe some homemade bunting for the full decorative effect. Get out your best mugs and treat them to the greatest gift of all- a good cup of tea. Similarly, if you are not at home with your loved one, order some delicious postal bakes for them to snack on whilst you have a cup of tea together over the phone.


Not again we hear you cry! Although 2020 did exhaust the virtual quiz, this one will definitely be fun. Rummage through archival family photos, including the embarrassing school photos and whip up a fun picture round for the family. 'What Year Was This' quizzes question the family's memories of the giant family wedding in 1975, the really tense Christmas dinner or the disastrous camping trip to Wales. Test your family knowledge with either a home-screening of old relics or over a trusty Zoom broadcast.


Pull out all the stops with a Mother’s Day Movie Night. Some of our favourite maternal movies are Mamma Mia, Freaky Friday, Ladybird, The Parent Trap and Brave, but find one you both love or one that makes you think of them, for some quality time together. A hot chocolate-fuelled Netflix Watch Party will also suffice for those not near loved ones this Mother’s Day.


We don’t mean Tupperware or shoe polish, we mean something that will benefit their life in a way that says ‘I care.’ A gorgeous olive oil cannistera new makeup storage container, new stylish bedsheets or the STYLPRO for instantly clean and dry makeup brushes. Sometimes a gift that buys time and organisation is the one that says I love you the most.

Whatever you do this Mother Day, we hope it’s full of love and self-care. Happy Mother’s Day from all at STYLIDEAS x
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