In the Pro: Benefits of Steaming Skin with Dr Sreedhar Krishna

In the Pro: Benefits of Steaming Skin with Dr Sreedhar Krishna

It's usually reserved for spa trips or a head cold, but why should we be steaming our skin more often? Dr Sreedhar Krishna tells us why...

What is steaming?

The act of applying steam to the face, (from a safe distance), can have a whole host of health and skin benefits. From boosting immunity to intense hydration, NHS Consultant Dermatologist Dr Sreedhar Krishna tells us all we need to know about how and why we should be steaming our skin.


Firstly, why should we steam our skin?

Hydrated skin looks fuller and richer. Steaming can help with achieving maximum hydration of skin.
Steaming can also improve circulation, helping nourish the skin. This can help you achieve a healthy glow and dewy complexion.
The improved circulation can help drive collagen and elastin production. These proteins act as scaffolding for our skin - when strong, this reduces the appearances of wrinkles and saggy skin. So, steaming can have some anti-aging properties also!
When done correctly, steaming can help de-clog pores and helps protect against breakouts, keeping your complexion clean and clear.


4 top benefits of steaming?

Exposure to steam helps stimulate the body's white blood cells which are the body's first line of defence. Invigorating this is beneficial to our immune systems and general health.
Stress reduction
There is a growing body of evidence linking stress and the skin. Exposure to steam while in a restful state can be helpful in reducing stress and improving mental focus.
Clear congestion
Exposure to steam helps clear mucous membranes, de-clogging sinuses and lungs, clearing congested pathways.

Steam helps the body expel toxins which are lurking under the surface. Steam opens up pores which helps the body extract these toxins.
Steam helps get rid of dead skin and dirt which can block up pores, leading to breakouts.


How often should we steam?

I would say on average, once weekly. In skincare, more is not always better. In fact, if you become too attached to steaming, you may actually end up fatiguing your skin which can actually result in breakouts! Patience is a virtue.


To see more of Dr Krishna and his work check out his Twitter: @skindoc_1 and website

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