NEW! Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Toe Clips

NEW! Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Toe Clips

Brand new today, we are delighted to introduce, by popular demand, the new Gel Polish Remover Toe Clips to the hugely popular Gel Polish Remover range.

Love Gel toenail polish, but hate taking it off? NEW! Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Toe Clips make it quick and easy to remove gel from toenails, without damaging the natural nail.

Say goodbye to fiddly foils which usually fall off, and avoid damaging your toenails by picking off your gel polish*. Remove gel toenail polish when and where you want with ease, while saving time, faff and money.

Get yours today for just £11.99 and enjoy all the colours of summer on your toenails as often as you like!


 *Based on a study of 13 women, December 2015, using DermaScan HighFrequency Ultrasonic device. Of the 13 nails measured, not one was thinner after removing gel polish using the Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Kit.




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