Stylfile Event - Sophie Eggleton

Huge thanks to Sophie Eggleton for the blog on our Stylfile range following the afternoon Event with Inventor Tom

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You may remember his original idea, showcased on the show. Well there is a whole range now stocked in the likes of TESCO and AMAZON.  He ran with the concept of a curved file....and added some extra bonus features for the products that followed. They can now clean under the nail and push down cuticles. One snazzy gold one even releases almond oil to nourish and ease the stubborn cuticle area. He's also savvily added a glitzy one covered in rhinstones for those that enjoy the very girly Towie style aesthetic. One that my Dad would even be excited by is the nail clippers that don't ping your offcuts for miles. You know what it's like, you find those crunchy blighters all over the carpet!



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